Short Fiction

Teratology (as Reggie Forester)

After confronting the owner of a penny museum about a fake mermaid, an Oxford professor experiences increasingly troubling events leading to an inevitable, albeit harrowing, conclusion.

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Read Teratology in issue 4 of Sanitarium Magazine.

Scarlet Caprice for Solo Violin

A mediocre composer meets an ageing virtuoso and his alluring accompanist at a conference. There, he is offered a deal that he can’t refuse. Since the Devil himself pulls the strings, none will escape unscathed.

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It Stares Back at You

When an ice-climber goes back to the site of a tragic accident, he begins a terrifying descent into darkness. In the glacier’s depths, he learns that if you gaze into the abyss it stares back at you.

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When the mysterious Mr. Krakauer decides to stay in his mother’s bed-and-breakfast, Jim discovers that there are more direct threats to his daily life than the company of his younger cousin, Billy. In face of Mr. Krakauer’s increasingly troubling behaviour, Jim questions his morality. Are we all the same inside? With his cousin’s life on the line, he decides to search the answer for himself, in a very literal and brutal manner.

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Bone Dice Blues

Lazarus ‘Aces’ Johnson is a con artist with a gift. But when he meets a Stranger in the notorious Mephisto Club, he gets a tougher deal than he anticipated. Who is conning whom? Aces’s life, his brother’s and even the fate of the world as we know it hang on a roll of the dice…

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