Devil’s Coin Blues

A Southern Gothic, full-cast, immersive audio drama in six episodes by the creator of the Midnight Carols. NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

What is Devil’s Coin Blues?

Devil’s Coin Blues is a Southern Gothic tale of revenge, mystery, eldritch terrors, and blues music. Set in the 1920s, this full-cast audio drama weaves together music, cosmic horror, and vibrant characters to provide six half-hour episodes of immersive, terrifying, heart-rending, cinematic audio entertainment.

Brought to you by the creator and some of the team behind The Midnight Carols,  this noir-driven sequel to Bone Dice Blues will send chills down your spine. Kristin Holland will reprise his role as Lazarus ‘Aces’ Johnson, notorious cheat and conman with a magic touch. 

What is it about?

With nothing more than a mysterious blues record to track down the people responsible for his brother’s death, Lazarus ‘Aces’ Johnson will stop at nothing to get his revenge. Armed with his conjure bag, his .45 and his dry wits, Aces will cross paths with a rogues’ gallery of colourful characters inspired by the songs of blues musicians such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Ma Rainey, or Howlin’ Wolf. You can expect the dead to rise from the grave and the living to be buried alive. The Devil is waiting at the Crossroads, will you dare answer his call?

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