Cast and Crew

COATES, Peter – Father Christmas, the Announcer
Peter is a British voice over artist. He has recorded audio books for Hachette Publishing, which are available on Audible, as well as voice work for documentaries, commercials and more. He also appeared on television in Japan in the 1990s doing an English language teaching series. He is British by birth, but lives in the Hudson Valley north of New York City with his wife and daughter.
Find him there.
HOLLAND, Kristin – Robert, Uncle Sturges and additional voices
Kristin is the creator of the much lauded ‘NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS’ short horror story podcast.
A versatile and mercurial voice talent, he has worked for many years as a professional voice over artist and singer.
You can find out more about ‘NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS’ on the official website -
VIVIANI, Carmelo – Algernon
I'm an actor based in Hertfordshire in England. I started off with AmDram before training at ALRA in London. I began my career doing short films and small projects before being cast in an independent feature film in the summer of 2019. Then 2020 happened and I transitioned to Voice Acting as a way of keeping active in the industry. I now work predominantly in Voice work, providing many different voices for characters in Videogames, Advertising, Audiobooks and Dramas and twitch alerts (Oddly enough). I now feel like I am able to open my horizons and not be restricted by how I look. I am super excited to see what projects I get to participate in next!

GARAMONI, Michael – Montague
Michael is a voice and stage actor, writer, and singer from Southern California. He studied Musical Theatre and Speech at Wagner College in New York City. For the last six years, he has worked and performed in Prague, Czechia, in a variety of plays, musicals, commercials, and other performance arts. He has written a novel that he is currently working on publishing, and has a Substack where he shares essays and fiction.
PLANT, Elizabeth – Edith and additional voices

Elizabeth is a London-based writer, actress and game designer. Dedicated to telling stories in every form, she’s been producing her own podcasts and stage plays since 2015. You can keep up with her latest projects via twitter and her website:
STOFFA, Jamie – Sound Design

Jamie Stoffa is an audio engineer, music producer, and singer/songwriter. In 2009, Stoffa began his career interning at various studios in the Hudson Valley. From 2010, he attended college, obtaining a degree in music industry and audio production. Upon graduation, Jamie began working at The Loft Recording Studios, followed by The Zone Production in Melbourne, FL. After spending several years running sessions for musical artists and voiceover artists, Stoffa relocated to Washington, DC, where he continues to mix, master and produce musical, podcast, audiobooks, and audio dramas.