The Author

After all, what is every man? A horde of ghosts – like a Chinese nest of boxes – oaks that were acorns that were oaks. Death lies behind us, not in front – in our ancestors, back and back until…

Walter de la Mare

Vincent Robert-Nicoud, an Oxford DPhil and former university lecturer, has written extensively on various topsy-turvy topics pertaining to Renaissance literature, including witchcraft, monsters, wise fools, and cannibals. He published several academic articles and a monograph entitled The World Upside Down in Sixteenth-Century French Literature and Visual Culture.

It was only a matter of time before he would try his hand at unsettling and delightfully twisted fiction. With more passports to his name than most spies, Vincent enjoys travelling to lands both real and imaginary, hiking in the mountains, playing chess, and waltzing with his wife.

His short stories have appeared in Sanitarium Magazine and, in audio form, in the award-winning podcast Nocturnal Transmissions. He is also the creator of The Midnight Carols, a dark Christmas podcast.